• Are you ready to co-create your future with other like-minded, 'up-to-something' women?
• Do you want to be a part of an empowering and learning community?
• Are you ready to move from competition to collective?
• Could you use more love, connection and support as you navigate through the rollercoaster of life?
• Are you a life-long learner that knows self-improvement is a team activity?

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WE Circle is a facilitated monthly workshop, held on the second Tuesday of the month, designed to be practical, experiential and immersive. The 3 hour workshops apply Design Thinking and the innovative Feminine Power principles and tools, as created by Dr Claire Zammit.

WE Circle is about authentic connection, taking ownership of our lives and having agency over our future.

WE Circle is an invitation to step into a BIG and BOLD container for you to be truly seen and heard. A space where you can expand yourself and explore your infinite potential, to shape your legacy and make your biggest contribution. 

WE Circle is about giving you the courage to be imperfect and the toolbox to help you breakthrough to the next level. 

WE Circle is a safe and trusted place each month for you to be fully visible and be met for who you truly are. 

WE Circle is a space that allows you to rest in knowing that you are supported and that you can risk being vulnerable.

WE Circle is a time to explore the tender parts of yourself and to have the conversations that really matter to you. 

And WE know that we can’t do it alone. WE need a community to mirror, reflect back, support and nurture us as we learn, take risks and grow ourselves.


Each month Carli structures the session around a topic such as 'radical self care' or 'sharing and generosity', and facilitates ideas and exercises to explore the topic. She invites other talented co-presenters to participate by bringing their own radical experiences and knowledge. It sounds like a cliche, but really, WE Circle has been amazing sofar! The group is starting to reach out to share and support each other's ideas beyond the monthly session, and it is so powerful. Thanks Carli!

Suzy Pickles, Graphics Consultant and Communications Team Leader, GML Heritage


Together we get to explore, How Might We :

  • do work that is values based and purpose driven 

  • increase our financial literacy and stability 

  • have more influence and make a bigger impact

  • balance our work, life and wellness 

  • build our resilience and emotional intelligence 

WE Circle understands that everyone has a leadership part to play. And it can be challenging. Fear of failure (or even fear of success) often prevents us from taking action and putting our ideas (and ourselves) out there in the world. Don’t miss this opportunity by thinking you have to be perfect. 

If we never try and take great opportunities, or allow our dreams to become realities, we will never unleash our true leadership potential. And the world will never benefit from what WE could have achieved. 

As women WE need each other. WE can and want to do it together. The journey can be SHARED and it can ENJOYABLE. And I am a big believer in making it FUN.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”

— Margaret Mead




"WE Circle is a transformative space in which to explore limiting beliefs of both self and society. The supportive community of awesome women helped me to step into my visibility and own my value."

Vivien Sung, Design Strategist, Lab Leader, FutureAging Lab


"I keep coming (to WE Circle) as each session brings rich and surprising rewards and insights into myself, the people around me, and the possibilities for a shift in life direction away from stress and towards care, generosity and creativity. It's life changing stuff!"

Suzy Pickles, Graphics Consultant and Communications Team Leader, GML Heritage


She is incredibly smart, wildly creative and has a gift for hearing and seeing your potential that lies beneath the surface and helping you amplify it in your life.



I have immense respect for Carli and they way she walks the talk. She's a total powerhouse, always generating impressive and inspiring projects, but also creating space for deep self-care and the pauses required to process and integrate her growth. This for me speaks to a beautiful dance of embodied yin and yang.

Kate Alexandra, Yoga Teacher & Founder of Radical Self-Care Project


"What a progressive exploration into the power of women"

- Angie Abdilla, Founder & CEO. Old Ways, New