Are you ready to say yes to yourself?
Are you ready to awaken to your true power and unique calling? 
Are you ready to clear internal and external blocks to your vision and clarify exactly what you want for your future?
Are you a woman on the edge of evolution?
Are you ready to have more influence & make a bigger impact?
Are you ready to experience more joy, creativity, wonder, excitement and possibility?


Designed for ‘up-to-something’ women wanting to unleash their full potential, amplify their influence and make their biggest contribution.

We can’t expect things to always work out the way we think they will. What we need is a process – a design process – to help figure out how to course correct when we experience set backs and use them as a catalyst to take the next great step forward.

This is your opportunity to make peace with your vulnerability and stop living with a guarded heart. A time to discover how to stand in your authentic power without intimidating or pushing others away.

When you embrace your feminine power, you naturally become more magnetic, grounded and joyful. 

Working together, you will gain the confidence to face the edges of your own expertise and to create new value by venturing into new territory. We will create a space where your authentic leadership can be exercised and deep meaning can be found.

Our partnership will help you powerfully manifest your vision and establish the mindset to achieve your goals as you release the patterns of the past to create an extraordinary life. 

I am here to co-create with you. 


What we'll do:

•Address any limiting self-beliefs holding you back
•Give you the tools, skills and mindset to get unstuck
•Reshape what is possible for a life well-lived
•Unlock your creative problem solving
•Turn a bold vision into actionable steps
•Build your confidence to try new things
•Set a new course for your career, relationships, health and wellbeing
•Practice a process of experimentation 


“A well-designed life is a life that is generative – it is constantly creative, productive, changing, evolving, and there is always the possibility of surprise.” – Stanford Life Design Lab





Design Your Future You NOW

[6 Session Package]

Design the life you love and love the life you design.

This three-month program is designed to help figure out where you are, what you want and how you can build a way to a life that you love. 

Starting where you are, we will identify your interests, clarify your goals and explore where you might be getting stopped.

Working with ideation, mind-mapping, role-play, collaboration and prototyping as foundations of the designers toolkit, you will create a ‘Future You’ to test and refine over our sessions together.

Through this life-designing process you will be in a vortex of support. Think of me as your own personal design team. Whether you want to find a new career path, launch a project or refresh what you are currently doing,I will be there with you to discover the what ifs and turn I can’ts into can dos.

This program will connect you to what brings you joy, what lights you up, and teach you how to design your life around what sustains you from the inside out.

Take control of your life. Design a life that works for you and holds the possibility of surprise.


Living From Your Zone Of Greatness

[12 session package] [3 or 6 months]

Living from your zone of greatness is about living a life of growth and change.  

Together we will take a journey to the edge of your curiosity. We will be working at theforefront of your potential. Giving you the courage to try new things and course correct as you go. 

As your coach, I will be there to champion and celebrate your wins, turn your uncertainty into opportunity and align with your highest purpose. 

We will build your anti-fragility muscle, relating to breakdowns and set backs as fuel to propel you forward. Moving out of perfection as a standard of success, into growth as a measure of a life well-lived. 

This package is a powerful catalyst for creating positive life changes in simple, sustainable ways. You will learn to lean into and orientate around self-acceptance and making an impact where you are.

Living from your zone of greatness there aren’t any blue prints to follow. Only by taking action can you build a way forward. We will be trail blazing together, gaining insights, seeking opportunities, creating innovations and developing a context of support.

Take the next great step forward. You deserve to feel empowered, energised and inspired to be your best. 



  • 1 x 30-minute complimentary private Breakthrough Session
  • Start Where You Are. Step 0 Worksheet. Accept the problem exists, get clear on what make you unique, what your biggest dreams are, what holds you back and define what you want from coaching and a life well-lived.
  • 2 x 60 minute private coaching sessions per month for 3 or 6 months. Explore what you desire, create concrete goals, and then devise an action plan for success.
  • Unlimited email contact in-between coaching sessions. Hit me up with all your ah-ha moments, breakdowns (Reminder: these often come before breakthroughs) and questions in between sessions.
  • Brain food, like resources, tools, and play-work assignments to keep you motivated, lit up and moving forward to living your FUTURE YOU now!



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I will be there as your enabler, witness and celebrator of your unique genius. You can feel safe, accepted and free to be your amazing self.



Why should I work with you as a coach instead of reading a self-help book? 

Research show that people are most successful at creating change in their lives when they are guided by expert coaches and mentors. I have had many extraordinary ones across my life (a big shout out to you) who have helped to address what matters most in my life and accelerate my accomplishments.

I know the value and rewards of working with others who have been there before. I really believe that we can't do it alone (or need to). I have successfully transformed my own life using these principles and proven one-to-one coaching methodology. My clients report that they value the loving, safe container of support and experience a direct and immediate difference in realizing their goals.


What if I am okay with how my life is going but sense there is something more for me to do? 

The impulse to thrive is awakening in you. You know there is something more to your life's purpose than what is now unfolding in your life. The journey is before you. This journey leads to the ultimate destination of your greatest contribution to your life and the lives of so many. Committing to bold outcomes – possibilities bigger than you – and seeing them through is a key component to living an extraordinary life.