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I work with up-to-something women. I like to call them the rockstars. The future world changers. You know transformation needs to start on the inside … but don’t know where to start.



Designed for you, an ‘up-to-something’ woman – smart, creative and self-aware - wanting to unleash your full potential, amplify your influence and make your biggest contribution.

These sessions will help to address any limiting self-beliefs holding you back and give you the clarity, focus and support to get unstuck and reshape what is possible to be your best self.

You will learn practical tools to unlock your creative problem solving, turn a bold vision into actionable steps and build your confidence to try new things and set a new course for your career, relationships and wellbeing through a process of experimentation.

Who you sense you can be and what is possible for your future is bigger and brighter than you can imagine. 


Working with me we’re going to have fun, we’re going to create a playful atmosphere without fear, judgment or complacency.




WE Circle [Women Empowerment] is a facilitated monthly workshop designed to be practical, experiential and immersive. The 3 hour workshops apply Design Thinking and the innovative Feminine Power principles and tools, as created by Dr Claire Zammit.

WE Circle is about authentic connection, taking ownership of our lives and having agency over our future.

WE know that we can’t do it alone. WE need a community to mirror, reflect back, support and nurture us as we learn, take risks and grow ourselves.

The future is not set. It is ours to co-create.


How would it feel to be backed by a loving hand to up-level, plug into your potential, amplify your influence and claim your power as the creator of your life?


Stop waiting to be ready...

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Carli injects you with creativity, to amplify your own creativity and expand it. She is like a power outlet. When you plug into her she will amplify your impact, creativity, reach and vision 1000 fold.

- Carmel D’Arienzo, BELLA Living, Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, Author, New York City


I just had my first session with Carli and immediately signed up for 7 more!

Carli is fantastic at creating a fun and safe space in which I felt truly seen and heard. She uses a whole variety of techniques and approaches to help me connect to my highest potential and my vision of the future. I walked out feeling empowered, and with a sense that I could make my wildest dreams come true... I highly recommend her coaching!

- Lina Mbirkou, MACRO LEADERS, Founder & Consultant


Carli is a talented, perceptive and inclusive facilitator. In the WE Circle she brings together a broad group of women and creates a nurturing and dynamic space for us all to reflect, share, open up, consider new ideas, unpack our preconceptions and ultimately move towards reaching our potential in our own unique ways.

- Suzy Pickles, Graphics Consultant and Communications Team Leader, GML Heritage


Carli is an intuitive and inspiring coach. She uses her considerable toolkit to work with you, wherever you are and enable you to get where you want to be. She is not a one size fits all kind of coach and she enabled me to look at my life holistically as something I control. I recommend her highly.

- Naomi Tarszisz, Consultant, Product, Marketing & Innovation